Question about the Search Block

Hello everyone,

On the project that I am currently working, I have created a new content type. This content type has fields like artist, material, period, etc. On one page, I have placed a search block for searching this content type. Currently, I can only search for the titles of this content type but I want to to be able to search all the searchable fields. How can I achieve this?

Have you defined those searchable fields? Indexing – Backend — Plone Documentation v6.0

Yes @tiberiuichim, I have defined them, and then add facets (filters) which are working fine.
But I was wondering if it is possible to make more extensive search in the search bar.

I don't understand this. Do you have a mockup, maybe, or something that would make it easier (for myself, at least) to understand?

Project is very similar with this Vanabbe Musuem website.

What I want to achieve is to search the authors name or material in the search bar and find the artworks that have this information. Just like how the default search page works.

Let's start with some principles:

The documentation for this is in this chapter of the above linked documentation page: Indexing – Backend — Plone Documentation v6.0

Thank you so much @tiberiuichim. I will check the links you shared and I will try to apply it.