Question about the customizing Volto for creating slideshows

On our websites, most pages start with a "slideshow." Here is an example:

The use case is like this:

  • If the client adds only 1 image to the slideshow, then the image works as the preview image,
  • In case the client adds multiple images, the first image becomes the preview image, and the "slideshow" functionality is activated.

How would you recommend we customize Plone for this use case?
Should we remove the default "preview image" interface?

@cihanandac what add-on are you using for the slideshow? you can have a condition to check the number of items and if it's just one show the image otherwise do the slideshow logic.
Another easy thing would be to condition the showing of arrows if there are more than 1 items and thus the slideshow would look like it has only one preview image.

Thanks for the answer David,
I am using eea/volto-block-image-cards add-on for the slideshow.

Based on your suggestion, I'll explore displaying a single image as a hero image when there's only one item, and opting for a slideshow presentation when multiple items are available.

Heh, always nice to see EEA products being used, pull requests welcomed when it comes to i18n, since our latest website is en only most of our volto products lack the i18n format but we are happy to accept pull requests :).

The carousel template is already coded as I was mentioning volto-block-image-cards/src/ImageCards/displays/Carousel.jsx at master · eea/volto-block-image-cards · GitHub the arrows are visible if enabled and there is more than one picture otherwise you get the arrows.
if there are other elements that you want conditioned you might have to customize the template.
Pull request welcomed again if something can be turned into an option so that customizations are avoided.

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