Queries Regarding GSOC idea - Improve add/select/modify link widget

@sneridagh @stevepiercy I would like to get guidance regarding my gsoc 2023 project proposal submission for the idea - Improve add/select/modify link widget. I wanted to understand the requirements in detail and would like to discuss my first draft. Please let me know how efficiently can i make the proposal for this porject

I am not a mentor for that idea.

@sneridagh Could you please guide me regarding this idea

Hey Amit, the requirements and intention of the idea are already in:

Regarding how to write down the proposal, there is plenty of documentation in the GSOC website and in:

Also look for guidance:

If you have any specific question, please post it in the forum.

Hello Sir ,
Amit here , as per the instructions given in the community and gsoc website , I have successfully submitted my proposal through the website for plone organization for the idea - Refactoring of class based components to Functional based components . Could you please review my proposal and let me know the changes that are required in the proposal so that i can make the necessary changes and resubmit the proposal. I would like to request you to review my submitted proposal

Amit Pile

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