Python:repeat['item'].number bound method in Plone 5.2.2?

I used ${python:repeat['item'].number} in my templates and before update to 5.2.2 this was a number, now it is a <bound method RepeatItem.number of <Products.PageTemplates.engine.RepeatItem object at 0x7f8c77421b90>>.

Is this by intend or do we have a bug?

This is not intended and is one breaking change that we got by switching to the latest Zope 4 when releasing Plone 5.2.2.
Probably it was a bold move to do that in a minor release, sorry for that.

Well, not perfect, right, but even in a Zope 4.x only features should be added, I would not expect breaking changes in a minor. We should improve our (or use) semantic versioning in future.

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