Python 3 port of ThreadSafeCounter


does anybody else use this package and by any chance already started porting it to Python 3 / Zope 4?


Seriously, this package is from 2001.

It doesn't hurt to ask.

I was lucky with LocalFS, SimpleUserFolder, TrustedExcecutables..., as other members of the community already put work into the migration.

The ThreadSafeCounter package has been working for us for 14 years - if there is an existing port, I see no reason to look for alternatives.

On the other hand, before porting it myself, maybe it's easier to recreate its function with a small Python class.


Just finished porting the package to Python 3:

  • deleted 2.5 k lines of code
  • wrote tests
  • created coverage report
  • noticed that the past 14/15 years not the safe thread safe but the unsafe API was used
  • started thinking that the Py2 -> Py3 migration is good for something :slight_smile: