PyPI missing python-mcrypt references

I have a dependency in my buildout which requires python-mcrypt. The index is set to, which redirects to

When I use pip to find the same, it also has a problem resolving.

1 location(s) to search for versions of python-mcrypt:
Fetching project page and analyzing links:
Getting page
Found index url
Looking up "" in the cache
Request header has "max_age" as 0, cache bypassed
Starting new HTTPS connection (1): "GET /simple/python-mcrypt/ HTTP/1.1" 304 0
Given no hashes to check 0 links for project 'python-mcrypt': discarding no candidates
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement python-mcrypt (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for python-mcrypt

The thing is, that if you go to the actual location on PyPI, everything that it reports is absolutely right. There is a project for it that is found at:

...but the links are all missing. Is this a problem with PyPI, or is the problem that I have a dependency on python-mcrypt (and it has been removed maybe on purpose)?

Thanks in advance for anyone who may have information regarding this package.

There is a project and a release but no files at PyPI. The project mainatiner prefers to use the homepage link there to point to the package. This is not a PyPI problem, but a maintainer problem. So following this link there is a tar ball for download.
in [buildout] you can use find-links = to get around this.

That's terrific. Thanks, @jensens.

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