Pylons Project Assimilation Team Minutes 2019-03-25

1. Roll Call

  • Érico Andrei
  • Paul Everitt
  • Carol Ganz
  • Alexander Loechel
  • Steve Piercy
  • Paul Roeland

2. Suspension of Assimilation

The Pylons Project core members met on March 11, 2019, to discuss its direction and reflect upon what they really want to achieve as an organization. The main points were:

  1. Establish a financial vehicle for the receipt and disbursement of funds for the development of Pylons Project, without incurring the tax liability as individuals or businesses.
  2. Establish a legal vehicle for assigning copyright and intellectual property in perpetuity.
  3. Minimize the barrier of a contributor agreement, and preferably eliminate it where it exists without incurring egregious failure modes. "Egregious" includes significant effort required to obtain all contributors' consent to relicense the project.

The objectives of the Pylons Project and the Plone Foundation differ enough that, in their opinion, it would be best to suspend the assimilation process.

Discussion continued about how this decision might play out. There is much information gathering that needs to be done before further decisions can be made.