PyCharm and Plone: which Project type?

I'd like to give PyCharm a try and installed the Professional Edition 2019.3.1.
There is no Plone nor Zope option when creating a new project, but there are e.g. "Pure Python", "Django", "Flask", "Pyramid".

Which one should I choose, and what implications would this have?
Can it be changed later, by fiddling the .idea/ directory?
I have quite a number of packages which play together. Should I create a single project to contain them all?
Do we have a place for PyCharm usage tips when developing for Plone?

I think this could help:

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Yes, I found out about that sort-of buildout support already. I'm wondering about that "Project type" question;
I can imagine this to be independent from using buildout.

Pure Python is your best option for Plone/Zope.

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So there is no server control whatsoever for Plone?
(OK, there are admittedly quite a lot of possible configuration variants. ..)
I had the impression to be the last one still not using PyCharm with Plone.

You might be able to repurpose one of the other Python server controls, like Pyramid or Django.

Perhaps this from the documentation can help, depending on where the server is deployed?

Maybe we need a PyCharm topic in this forum to share tips and tricks?

I was thinking of something like
But don't have a very precise idea of what I'd expect. I haven't worked with an IDE for years; long ago I have used Eclipse, but this was quite Java-centric, and I have never really made full use of it.

Yes, why not!

It occurred to me to check Stack Overflow for Plone, and 1 of the 3 posts led me to a blog post for configuring Plone in PyCharm. Does that help?

Maybe we need a PyCharm topic in this forum to share tips and tricks?

Maybe make it an IDE topic. Not everybody is using PyCharm out there.

Yes, of course. So, what other IDEs are important?

On the other hand, I expect most questions to be quite specific for a certain IDE; it might be of no use at all to be able only to search for IDEs in general, and then need to filter out the ones which apply for the right one.