Putting this on the radar

Plone gets an honourable mention, Wordpress listed first but big note about security issues.
Other CMSes mentioned, Drupal, Joomla and Jekyll.

I would summarise it differently. They say security concerns with WP are unfounded and its good because plugins come out f the box with what you need as a webmaster where as drupal plugins tend to be only useful for developers to put togeather complex sites. And plone just works the way drupal does but not as good.

With a quick re-read I'd have to agree, I was really skimming. The "contrary to popular belief" should have been a big giveaway.

The million $ question is what perception do we want to change about plone?

Drupal has increased features and UX such that it does compete better with Plone while at the same time being easier to get cheap hosting when you start out, and enterprise support at the top end.

Whatever it is Plone is thats unique is not filtering through. I would say their assessment is a good reflection of the casual perception of what Plone is... a less popular version of Drupal which is equally beginner unfriendly and complex but very flexible.

The headless CMS thing, everyone is working on it. Drupal, WP will all have equally good solutions. It won't differentiate us IMO. Maybe if we have a headless CMS that requires zero dev environment (cloud only), just upload your JS.... would that stand out?

The future of Plone is to die slowly. The market share of Plone (and other CMS systems except WP) is declining. Business opportunities for companies and individuals backing Plone are massively breaking away. And there is no way to get out of this trend. Headless CMS might open a few doors. I doubt that this will ease the overall situation in a reasonable way. You may stone me but people having a bright future of Plone in mind are either whistling in the tunnel or just lying to themselves or others.


That is what we started in Boston, and there is a group of us who would like to make this a focus of PLOG, with at least one sprint between now and April 18-22, when we hope to hold PLOG.

If you want to help, that's great! If all you're going to do is replay your broken record, please stop doing that. It's not helpful.

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Any chance of that sprint being in Thailand? :slight_smile: