Pull request related(review and merge)

please maintainers review this pr https://github.com/plone/bobtemplates.plone/pull/348

Requests for reviews don't belong here.

So @zopyx
Can you tell me where can I do request for review or

Core developers will pick up PR when they have time, mood and interest. This happens all voluntarily and it happens when it happens.

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@AkshJain99 github is sending notifications and from time to time maintainers will review PR's.
If you get into the situation that, you really need a fix merged and have a release, you can try to ping the maintainers in the chat, but this is not the case here.

ya sorry actually I was not familiar with thw workflow of plone but now I am getting familiar

btw @MrTango can you please suggest me suitable project as per my skills to pyhton and django