Published page not listed in Listing block

Hello all,

I am hosting a blog like site, where I put listing block on the front page which list the content of type "page".

The site runs well until recently, when it suddenly stopped listing published page (review state published) when I am logged out. When I login, I can see the published pages in the listing.

I would appreciate having any information to fix this.

Best regards

It's possible that the cache is not updating properly. Clear the cache on your website and see if that resolve the issue.
Otherwise double check the content visibility settings for your published pages and make sure that the listing pages has the correct

Thank you Ravi.

Could you let me know how to "clear the cache"?
Do you mean the cache of the browser or cache of the backend server?

Meanwhile, when I checked the page in question in the contents view of the backend classic interface via port 8080 (not volto), the "publication date" of the page in question is set to the past date, but the "review status" is set to "not display". When I manually change the review state to "published", the page is shown as expected to the non-logged in users.

Previously, I did not need to change the review stage, and I just have to set the "publication date" in the volto block editing pane to make the page published.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how I can set my site to action in the previous manner.

Best regards,

According to your additional information the issue might be related to the backend server's cache rather than the browser cache.
Regarding the issue with the "publication date" and "review status" of your pages, it appears that the behavior has changed, and you now need to manually set the "review status" to "published" for the page to be displayed to non-logged-in users.

To set your site to function as it did previously, where setting the "publication date" alone made the page published, you may need to review your CMS settings or consult the documentation for any specific configurations related to content publishing rules. It's possible that an update or configuration change has altered the default behavior.

Sorry for my late response.
Following your suggestion, I successfully resolved the problem by accessing background Zope server and changing the workflow setting with Zope5 management interface.

Thank you very much Ravi!