Publish web documents under Plone 5

Hello ,
I'm wondering about the dedicated directory for publishing web documents on
a remote plone server..
In which remote directory of the plone server, send the web documents created in plone
on the local computer under Windows.
With a classic web server, you can configure a directory intended to accommodate
documents (directories, folders, files) web.
For Plone (Plone 5), the SSH server must "point" to which
directory (var, firestorage, blobstorage or completely elsewhere?) to organize the hierarchy
web documents to be transferred via an SSH client (for example) to the remote server?

I may be confusing, but can someone enlighten me on this?
Thanks in advance.

What are you trying to accomplish? Include external content from some filesystem or third-party storage somehow in Plone?

Hello again ,
Thank you for your reply.
This involves including external content (web documents) created in plone 5.1.5 on a local computer in a site
Plone on a remote server (PC server). In other words, it is necessary to publish these web documents on a distant site so that the visitors of the remote site can visit the web pages.
Hence the idea of using an FTP or SSH client or possibly a WebDAV client to publish the files on the remote server.
In these conditions, in which dedicated directory of the remote plone site the web documents must be deposited?
I do not know if I was clear enough.
Thanks again.

You did not answer my question.

Do you want to push external from some external contentl directly into Plone as primary Plone content or do you want some external data source like a local filesystem tree with documents available within Plone e.g. for browsing and downloading instead of uploading the content into Plone.

Hello again ,
Thank you for your reply.
It's because I probably did not understand the question.
To help you identify what I want, I will answer you by specifying what I would like and what I would not like.
To try to answer your question, I would like to publish on the remote Plone server, an external data source such as a local file system tree with documents available in Plone.
On the other hand, I would not want to go through "export / import" using .zesp file.
Presented as I answered your question?
Thanks for your help.

I give up.

Hello again ,
Sorry, thanks anyway for your help.
I will nevertheless try to calmly re-read your questions
in order to try as best as possible to respond better in the hope of allowing everyone to understand what I would like but that obviously I express badly.
Thank you again for your help.

What do you mean by 'web documents'

Do you mean for example PDF-documents, Images, Word-files etc.

Or do you mean 'html-documents (files ending on .html )

Thank you .
I mean by "web documents" all this:
"PDF-documents, Images, Word-files etc and … html-documents".
All the essential files to build a website for visitors.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Documents that you want the user to download (like PDFs, Word-documents9 can be uploaded to any folder by clicking 'Folder Contents', or uploading them one by one.

About html-documents:
Plone is a 'system for taking care of the layout of your site'. You are not supposed to 'make pages in another system and then upload them', but to make the pages in Plone itself.

Maybe you could read this:

What are "web documents"?

Binary files like PDF, DOCX etc. can uploaded into Plone directly using the Plone UI or over WebDAV, FTP or the plone.restapi.

Importing pre-rendered full HTML pages in to Plone makes no sense. Importing HTML directly into Plone makes only sense for HTML fragments that do not come with their own styling etc.

The answer to your question is there have been plugins that allow file-system stored content to be published directly via plone but generally they are old and not used much. The reason is that the object database already acts like its own file system and supports FTP and web-dav (mostly) so that its easy enough to get something setup to sync your content directly into plones object database and work with it there.

You've to write a script and use plone.restapi to get the content from local Plone and create it again on remote Plone.

If you enable webdav on both Plone:

then you can mount local and remote directory in your local PC and do a copy between sites. Webdav can be very tricky so this can works only in simple cases with few files.

But if you mean to "move" the content from local Plone to remote Plone site, it is not a supported case.

The right way (and the only decent way) to include an external data source into Plone is using my xmldirector.connector add-on.

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This seems to be the use case for Gatsby JS?

It's still completely unclear what @Adomy wants...even after this long thread :woozy_face:

Plone does NOT store data not directly in the PC's filesystem. It uses a database to store it. So you can not access web-content via your windows explorer.

You need to use the web-browser, log in and upload and manage the web content there.

There are addons to publish files from the filesystem. The most powerful is probably xmldirector.connector - be aware, this plugin is capable to do much more than you may need.


The directories blobstorage and filestorage do contain those database files. But they are not placed there in a human readable way.

When the program Plone is stopped, you can backup these two directories. Or you can copy them to another computer with a (stopped) Plone installed, replacing the directories there (please also check permissions on the files to be the same as before).

This module is obsolete and was rewritten from scratch as xmldirector.connector (as mentioned) with serving content from storages.

Thanks, looks I did not need it for a while. Edited and corrected!

If you have zipbackup as part of your buildout, you can copy the blobstorage and filestorage backups to an identical zope instance on your remote server and run ziprestore to restore your local content to the remote server.

See here: