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Hey all,

I just ordered my official PloneConf 2021 T-Shirt at - to be delivered just in time for the conference.

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The shop was built on the TeeMill platform by the Plone Marketing Team, and we will be adding more Plone themed gear over the coming weeks and months. A news item, tweets and other more official announcements will surely follow soon. As we made an extra effort to bring the site online before the conference, and shipping from the UK (to Germany in my case) might take from 4 to 9 days, you might want to order yours ASAP...

Just a side note: the Plone Foundation provides all items in the store without any markup. All clothing items are high quality certified organic products, made from post-consumer remanufactured organic cotton and organic cotton in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.



I love the back of the 2021 shirt!

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Slightly off-topic but relating to supporting the Plone foundation. Will, there be a method/way to donate to the foundation say via reoccurrence? I do a monthly donation to the Document Foundation (for the past 3? years). I would like to do the same for Plone.

That’d be super awesome, Eric! We do have a way to set up recurring monthly donations…but now I’m not seeing where (!). Let me get back to you!

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That nice design came from @jensens and is a variant of the series we use on the PloneConf website.


Somebody is going to whine over this and get the responses why he/she is complaining , so let it be me then.

I applaud all the effort but WHY pick a merchandise store outside of the EU or the US so that there are relatively high costs for transport ($8,50 for mail to Europe) and added customs delays for almost everybody world wide?

There are not many companies offering print on demand combined with ecological + environment friendly together with good working conditions in their delivery chain - so, its passing the @polyester testing conditions.

IMO the base prices are OK enough to pay some extra money for shipping.
Also, we have community outside EU/US and Teemill delivers to most countries worldwide.


@mtrebron that's awesome!!! Thank you for your work on this!

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