Providing example TinyMCE templates


Using TinyMCE templates in Plone 5 is supported be default.
See the theming training for an example:

But we need to provide some good templates including the corresponding css for it and we need to enable the TinyMCE template plug-in by default.

With this we can provide useful static HTML blocks, the user can add and customize later.
This could be a 2x2 teaser grid or just some pictures with labels or any other often used content structure.

I would suggest, to create a packaged for now to test the layouts and later integrated the idea and the best templates into Plone core.

This can even be useful in combination with Mosaic. Users can add static blocks into Text Area tiles, customize them and dragging them around with the Mosaic editor.

What are you thinking about this?


Great idea, used template snippets together with mockup/patternslib in my last project to allow the editor to create collapsible sections.

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Yes, @djay is playing with inline tiles, which could probably do the same and more.
I'm not sure if we could have combined inline tiles, like a block of 2x2 teasers or images or what ever.
But any way meanwhile i think it could be useful to ship some static templates, because we have everything in place in Plone 5.