Protected Vocabularies

As this seems to be a topic affecting multiple packages and especially both Plone backend usage of vocabularies and Plone REST API exposure of vocabularies: this post.

I propose to establish an abstraction layer for registering and quering vocabularies.

Vocabularies are utilities. The question came up, why utilities cannot be registered protected.
See response of @dieter to my question on Zope utilities: locationless utilities and permissions Register protected utility (Register protected vocabulary) · Issue #65 · zopefoundation/zope.component · GitHub

The point is: queryUtility fetches a vocabulary without a permission check, as it cannot. So: Do we add permission checks in plone.restapi and (or or is a vocabulary registry a hot thing that can be requested for a vocabulary and this registry cares for a security check?

A starting point could be something like zope.vocabularyregistry/src/zope/vocabularyregistry at master · zopefoundation/zope.vocabularyregistry · GitHub does. Add a permission check and done.


And than more vocabularies like permissions, roles, groups can and should be protected.

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