Proposing a theming sprint in Jamaica (again)

I have not pinned down a date, I want to identify participants FIRST!

Theme pack and Fat theming infrastructure

The goal would be:

  1. Build some themes that work well with the existing fat theming infrastructure
  2. improve the infrastructure
  3. Contribute to theming docs

5 - 7 days

Jamaica (of course)

I would like to propose sometime between December 2017 and January 2018.


Someone reached out to me to get more details, as this is still emerging I don't have a lot more details, but I'll do some thinking aloud so at least you have an idea of what's in my head space:

These are the key targets:

  1. Clean up of existing Plone themes - many of them need attention, pixels out of place etc...
  2. New themes - minimum of one really, really, really good theme (maybe with two or three variations)
  3. Contribute to the general theming documentation
  4. Tools - I would like to see some improvements to the theming tools used for Plone (Things like plone-themeupload and some of the TTW tools.).

If we're trimming down the scope, 3 would be my "nice-to-have". It could be just reporting any bugs as we work.

To make this happen we'll need to begin some of the work before the sprint (moodboards, creative briefs etc...) possibly 2 months in advance.