Professional help with a Plone Dexterity content type issue

I'm trying to fix an issue with upgrading to Plone 5.0.5 that I have seem to have hit.

I have a policy product package which you can find here:

To this policy package, I'm trying to add a Dexterity content type which I originally created TTW, but I want to go away from doing that:

<model xmlns:security=""
    <field name="picture" type="plone.namedfile.field.NamedBlobImage"

I need that model to be installed and tested when we run the deployment
of the site, and I need this install to happen within ruddocom.policy.

I'd like a professional to help me put together the necessary changes so that the
dexterity content type I showed above appears on a blank new site when the
policy product is installed, and I would also like this policy product to install
the content type (and any future updates to its XML) when the policy product
is updated on my current site. In sum: getting the content type successfully
installed within the test suite, and then within a blank site, and then
within my site.

I am willing to provide a copy of the site data, of course.

Please let me know what the expenses for this would be like. I can pay by direct bank transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.


It takes as long as it takes and it costs as long as it takes. Don't expect fixed price offers in case of migrations in case of third-party code. "Fix my own code" costs...


FYI: there are two general approaches re: migrating TTW schema to a filesystem product: copying the XML to the filesystem, or writing a Python interface. The former is pretty easy and there should be some reasonable examples out there. I myself prefer working with Python code and Interface classes when writing schema, but it is very reasonable to:

(a) Use some boilerplate generator to create your policy product or add-on; sounds like you might already have one.

(b) Copy the XML to to the filesystem.

(c) Follow these simple instructions here to get the FTI onto the filesystem:

This might be simple enough to do following documentation without having to pay for help, and involve less of your own time than it takes to arrange the transaction to get someone else to do it for you.


I'm familiar with contract work. A ballpark tentative figure will suffice.

It's okay, though. I have managed to migrate the site by myself. One of the folks reading this thread has contacted me to engage with me in further Plone business, and his consultancy will be doing the theme and the policy product for the site.

:slight_smile: Clearly this forum does get a lot of responses!

Thank you all!