Products.PressRoom 3.18

Is anyone looking at Products,PressRoom 3.18 or did development stop at this point?

Just looking at what addons will work with 4.3.9


Probably due to some changes / renaming of content type 'Topic' and not 'too much related to Pressrom'

you can probably go to /portal_types/manage_main in ZMI or even the 'Content types control panel' and change the settings

Thx Espen, as a fundamental end-user of Plone, I have not moved into the ZMI apart from some clearly defined instructions. Press Room worked when I was dabbling in the early 4,0's and I liked it.
I will work around it for the time being with other addons that act natively with 4.3.9 and have a reasonable prospect of moving to 5.0 and eventually 6.0 ... just my thoughts

(I might be wrong here, but)
It looks to me that Pressroom tries to add 'topic' / 'collection', which is not longer available.
So, unless you want to fix Pressroom itself, the only workaround is to enable it, which you might be able to do in the
Not a perfect solution, but might be 'good enough' for your use case.

Thx Espen, it is a little bit above my comfort range, but I have copied your comment to my lesson plan for what to read up on and do as a live practice. In the meantime I hope the authors of Products.PressRoom can take it to the next version.

With appreciation