Products.PortalTransforms 2.2.0 breaks Products.Archetypes tests re: ReStructuredText headings

Folks, Products.PortalTransforms 2.2.0 as used in coredev buildout now uses docutils for ReStructuredText transform, and this breaks what Products.Archetypes (master) tests are expecting for output in (2) BaseUnit tests.

The new rest transform outputs both of these heading levels to <h2>:

Heading 1

Heading 2


  1. Fix Products.PortalTransforms rest transform to output h2/h3 for the above respective headings.

  2. Fix AT tests to just tolerate what is output now.

The first option seems more robust?

I have an unrelated fix for Products.Archetypes, but would like to see its tests running first before I submit any pull requests.

Attn: @pbauer

This now has an issue:

This now has a pull request.

Do I need to edit checkouts.cfg on the coredev buildout before running the Jenkins checks?