Products.Carousel on Plone 5

I used buildout to add Products.Carousel 3.0.2 to my Plone 5.0.5 site. When I try to bring up the instance, I get an error about

ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/zope/Plone/buildout-cache/eggs/Products.CMFPlone-5.0.5-py2.7.egg/Products/CMFPlone/configure.zcml", line 108.4-112.10
ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/zope/Plone/buildout-cache/eggs/Products.Carousel-3.0.2-py2.7.egg/Products/Carousel/configure.zcml", line 23.2-23.32
ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/zope/Plone/buildout-cache/eggs/Products.Carousel-3.0.2-py2.7.egg/Products/Carousel/browser/configure.zcml", line 24.2-31.6
ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', 'ImportError: Module has no global ContentActionsViewlet')

From the github, it looks like this project is active. Advice for getting it running under Plone 5? Or are there other slider projects I should consider. Requirements-wise, I just need something where users can add sliders to pages and folders. Thx.

On recent projects we've moved away from Products.Carousel. Instead we just use images in a designated folder. For example, on one project we did the following:

  1. Created a "showcase" folder.
  2. Cloned the "image" content type to "showcase image" (also added a url field)
  3. Add showcase images to the showcase folder.
  4. Implement a script that "bakes" the slideshow from the "showcase" folder (this really is the hardest part but easy enough to achieve with rapido, especially if you already have the markup and js for the slideshow)

I recommend starting with a slider that matches your use case. We use Webflow to build most of our sites so our slideshows are based on webflow. But you could easily just reuse an existing jquery plugin.

Our theme already had a slideshow so building the solution was a 2 to 3 hour job. Training the customer was pretty straight forward.

Hi, another approach if you want to use a Plone product is here:

The latest version works with Plone 5

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We just use

  • mosaic or portlet page
  • a richtext tile with a a table
  • a single style. maybe a style for the tile in mosaic
  • some diazo that takes the title, description and image from columns in the table. A slide per row

The advantages of this are

  1. use any js you want.
  2. easy to train users. rich text with table can even have documentation on how it works and how to add to other pages
  3. can place the carousel on any page. (as opposed to hard coded folders)
  4. easy to extend with other fields. just extra columns.
  5. no worrying about installing or upgrades breaking your theme.

This will be better still once custom tile types are easy to add TTW.