Problems in the Volto Documentation

In the Override Components the path given for the file is incomplete as no where it is mentioned to go inside the omelette folder. This creates a lot of confusion for a newcomer. I guess we should mention it somewhere.

This post is just asking how we should fix this. So discussion needed

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Is this the fragment that you have issues with?

So for example if we want to replace the logo, which is located in Volto at components/theme/Logo/Logo.svg , we will add a logo to our theme and create an alias.

Some of the trainings assume a lot of context, as they're intended to be taught by a live trainer, in the same room as the participants.

But indeed, it would be good if the Volto training presented the omelette folder.

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Yes, that's the part I was talking about.

Yes, for that reason only I was talking about that, it would be better.

Please create a PR to address this issue.

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