Problem with translation

I have a plone site (version 5.1) in en-gb and pt-pt. I noticed that the events was not translated in Portuguese. So I look inside and realised that in locales only has pt-BR. I copied that folder to a new folder named pt-PT and after some changes I compiled all the files it has inside. Restarted zeoserver and now the events and the event portlets appear correctly in Portuguese.
The problem is that now my news portlet, the login, site actions appear in English.
I don't know why including the pt-PT in locales change the refered items to English.
I will appreciate any help.

ask for a new release of and after that pin it to 5.1.9 in your buildout:

@vincentfretin @erral can you help here?

What do you mean, "ask for a new release of". Sorry I didn't understood.

In I only find 5.1.8. Anyway, I've already solved the problem. Thanks.

I released 5.1.9. You can pin this version in your Plone 5.1.2 buildout to use it, but you should remove it next time you upgrade Plone to 5.1.3. All translations that were in package moved to

I did what you said. But as soon as I've installed Products.FacultyStaffDirectory it produces the following changes in a site that I have in 2 languages (English and Portuguese).
In the portuguese side

  1. Changes in menu toolbar Entrada to Home
  2. Change site actions to English
  3. Change my News portlet to English
    I don't know how to solve this problem