Problem with listing folder content

Hi there,

I've a folder, /downloads and inside I've 3 folders, I can list the /downloads folders and the 3 other folders appears, I use the code for a folder_full_view_item() but inside the other 3 folders I cann't list the items, I've already tried almost every think the there always a messagem saying that the folders are empty, but they aren't, one is a image folder and the other one a file folders,

Anyone can help me?


Do you mean you see no content when you go to the Contents tab?
Or do you mean you cannot see the sub folders content from the /downloads folder View page?

I mean, on the manage_main I can see the items on every folders but when I open the website:

I can see the 3 folders but when I enter on the folders I cann't see the items I've on those folders.

On the Downloads page I've a index.html with this code:

`<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"

    <metal:content-core fill-slot="content-core">
        <metal:block use-macro="context/folder_listing/macros/content-core">
            <!-- we don't want the dl --> 
            <metal:entries fill-slot="entries">
<div style="margin-top:200px">
                <metal:block use-macro="context/folder_listing/macros/entries">
                    <metal:entry fill-slot="entry">
                        <div tal:replace="structure python:item.getObject().folder_full_view_item()" />



If your problem is that your cannot list the content in a folder using your_folder_name//folder_contents
then maybe the reason is that you run into an error like this: ValueError: Circular reference detected

I have/had such a situation with bookings that were created for a bookable object using Products.PloneBooking in Plone 5 and not in Plone 4.3.

At the end the problem was caused by the Modification date string in JSON. This formatted date was of type DateTime (uppercase!)
That date looked like this: "ModificationDate": "2016-06-04T16:01:09+02:00"
JSON handler in (3.0.20) could not return a proper ISO format for that type.

I had to change this file: your_path\eggs\\plone\app\content\

It looks now like this and that works fine for me. Maybe you can try that to get a view of the content...

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import Missing
import datetime
import json
from DateTime import DateTime

    def custom_json_handler(obj):
        if obj == Missing.Value:
            return None
        if type(obj) in (datetime.datetime,
            return obj.isoformat()
        if type(obj) in (DateTime, ):
            dt =   DateTime(obj)       
            return dt.ISO()
        return obj

    def json_dumps(data):
        return json.dumps(data, default=custom_json_handler)

# can eventually provide custom handling here if we want
json_loads = json.loads