Problem with copying barceloneta

For editing the Barceloneta theme and changing some colors, I tried to copy it. But I can't open the TTW-Editor for the copied Theme.

As you can see in the pictures there are some problems with the patterns and getting the resources.

Does anyone has the same problem and knows how to solve it?

Sandra Rum

By 'copying it': do you mean TTW ? If so, try to upgrade to latest version of Plone 5.0.2 or 5.0.3. I saw this behaviour on one of the early (beta?) versions of Plone 5.

Yes, I tried to copy it TTW and this happens using Plone 5.0.2

I happened to me once when testing Plone. But then, in another instance with the same buildout it works fine. Thus, I could not reproduce the issue again.

Yes, i can reproduce this Problem with my Plone 5.0.2 System. But you can go to the Resourceregistry Controlpanel and recompile the Thememapper Bundle, i enable the Development Mode also, and now the Theming Editor is running. Best Regards, Jan

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