Problem with buildout.cfg past 4.3.12 using changelog information to upgrade

Up to ver 4.3.12 I have been able to successfully upgrade Plone by updating the buildout.cfg from the changelog. From 4.3.13 onwards the migration test comes back as a fail. Does anyone have a work around for this? Is there anything in the base.cfg or versions.cfg that I should be looking at? Has there been a change in the Repository link? Thx in anticipation.

Error mesaages?


Hi Andreas
Using the changelog to create the buildout.cfg for ver 4.3.14
Used buildout -D

File "c:\plone43\eggs\plone.recipe.zope2instance-4.2.22-py2.6.egg\plone\recipe
\", line 113, in install
File "c:\plone43\eggs\plone.recipe.zope2instance-4.2.22-py2.6.egg\plone\recipe
\", line 617, in install_scripts
requirements, ws = self.egg.working_set(['plone.recipe.zope2instance'])
File "c:\plone43\eggs\zc.recipe.egg-1.3.2-py2.6.egg\zc\recipe\egg\", lin
e 101, in working_set
File "c:\plone43\eggs\zc.buildout-1.7.1-py2.6.egg\zc\buildout\"
, line 1079, in install
return installer.install(specs, working_set)
File "c:\plone43\eggs\zc.buildout-1.7.1-py2.6.egg\zc\buildout\"
, line 885, in install
for dist in self._get_dist(requirement, ws, self.always_unzip):
File "c:\plone43\eggs\buildout.dumppickedversions-0.5-py2.6.egg\buildout\dumpp
.py", line 33, in get_dist
dists = old_get_dist(self, requirement, ws, always_unzip)
File "c:\plone43\eggs\zc.buildout-1.7.1-py2.6.egg\zc\buildout\"
, line 728, in _get_dist
raise MissingDistribution(requirement, ws)
MissingDistribution: Couldn't find a distribution for 'Plone==4.3.14'.

Starting pdb:

-> raise MissingDistribution(requirement, ws)

This might have been caused by a "PyPI" change (it no longer accepts "http" and now requires "https"). As this is external to Plone, it is not a surprise that you do not find something in Plone's changelog.

Add index = to the buildout section of your buildout.cfg (and try again).

Hi Dieter
Tried it without success
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'Plone==4.3.14'.

Looked in but saw no needed distributions

The question is where is the distribution repository?

By adding to [extends =] it is now looking to upgrade from ZODB3 = 3.10.5 to 3.10.7

C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Programs\Common\Microsoft\Visual C++ for Python\9
.0\VC\Bin\amd64\cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GS- /DNDEBUG -Isrc -IC:\Plone43\p
ython\include -IC:\Plone43\python\PC /Tcsrc/BTrees/_OOBTree.c /Fobuild\
BTreeModuleTemplate.c(15) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Python
.h': No such file or directory
error: Setup script exited with error: command '"C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local
Programs\Common\Microsoft\Visual C++ for Python\9.0\VC\Bin\amd64\cl.exe"' failed
with exit status 2
An error occurred when trying to install ZODB3 3.10.7. Look above this message f
or any errors that were output by easy_install.
Could't load zc.buildout entry point default
from plone.recipe.zope2instance:
Couldn't install: ZODB3 3.10.7.

Python.h is a typical header file for a Python development installation; typically, it is missing in a Python production installation. Were you on a Linux platform, I would say, you must install the (OS level) package "python-dev"; not sure, what I must say for a Windows platform.

Hi Dieter, yes I am using the Windows 7 64 bit platform

After spending a good part of this year trying to upgrade past 4.3.12, I think I'll just pack it away and stick with 4.3.12 and the content that I'm developing. I have no idea what's broken, but I might find inspiration in 2018.

Wishing you and all the Plone Community a very Merry Christmas, Festive Season and Happy New Year