Problem running Volto on remote server

Good morning, Plone community!

I am in the process of getting Volto to run on a remote server. However, i am having a problem regarding the CORS. The page loads, however, because the CORS did not succeed, it is showing up improperly. I tried adding the zcml addition to each of the addons installed in Plone classic, yet the problem persists. I also tried inputting the proxyRewriteTarget and the devProxyToApiPath in config.js unfortunately that didn't help or do anything. What needs to be done further here?

I thank you kindly.



Easiest choice (IMHO) is to go docker + seamless mode.

For docker, I pass this environment variable:


Seamless mode is the "natural" option, as it uses NGINX and HTTP header inspection to pipe trafic directly to Plone.

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