Private repos in collective

Yesterday I created collective.exportimport (GitHub - collective/collective.exportimport: Export and import content, members, relations and translations) and accidentally created it as a private repository in the collective. @ksuess saw that and I changed it to public.

The reason was that the default setting for new repos was private which makes no sense imho. So I changed the setting so that now only public repos can be created. I hope that's ok.

The following repos are still private (I think by accident) and I suggest to make them public instead:

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Yes, private repos in collective are pointless.

I will delete collective.fancybox and recreate it after I go through it to rename it all the way down. I should have checked the name before creating it.

It is easy to make the repos public. Shall I do that?

I would say, go go go!

I made ploneconf.policy2020 public, the last two can't be made public because they are forks of private repos and need to be duplicated first. I'll leave them alone for now.

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