Pragmatic usecase of Plone

I am looking for someone who can guide me in understanding how they were able to tackle some problems using Plone. I understand that it is a CMS but I want to hear about pragmatic cases where anyone thought plone was the perfect good-to-go companion. I think understanding the real use cases can promote any technology. So please anyone who can share their use case. Thank You.

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I've got experience from a university perspective (in Finland). A thousand tales, but to briefly summarise how it started and how it evolved:

In 2005 or something we needed an easy to edit university website that could have hundreds of content editors who can only edit their own faculty/department/project page. Plone was one of the few that could do that back then.

Then we needed to have an LMS (learning management system), a place to share course material to students of a certain courses. Again, Plone fits well with its hierarchical content structure and detailed permission model: students could see the material, teachers could add and edit. This needed integrations to other systems.

Thirdly, intranets. Repeat the above features with usability and permission management and profit.

And fourth, the flexible nature of Plone: we could use it for small custom sites, larger custom applications like video streaming platform with high security and massive amounts of content.

Advancing to 2020's and we now have Plone 6 with the new react frontend and flexible API. We can easily edit custom frontend and yet utilise the security and flexibility of the backend and add any integration we want.

So, for at least for our university the main benefits have been ease of use for editors, security and permission management and overall flexibility. In no situation we have run out of options.

Most value we have had from large and complex sites compared to smaller sites with just handful of pages.

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Thanks, @rioksane that is what I was looking for. Maybe others will add more to this question about their experience. When someone comes forward and explains how they tackled a particular problem, that is very useful for those who are new to it. I have to build an NGO website, I am thinking of using Plone so that I can learn and explore this framework. Wish me luck! and thanks for sharing your experience.

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