Potential Sprint Venue in Washington DC

I'd just like to throw it out there - Radio Free Asia has agreed to host Plone-related sprints in Washington DC.

This is, of course, conditional on facility usage at the time.

But we do have WiFi, Covfefe and Chairs.


Nice! We used to have monthly Python meetings there back in the day… still the first floor conference room?

(Also this isn't officially announced yet, but you should try to catch this event: https://www.meetup.com/DCPython/events/240449405/)

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The bad news is that we lost the first floor conference room. This means we can't open a door directly to the streets of DC. You must be escorted into the RFA offices.

The good news is the new conference room is about 3 times as big, and contains all the amenities that the old one had.

Thx @flipmcf ... the React sprint, if it happens, will likely be in Europe.

If your offer is good until, say, the end of the year (or even after), perhaps we should throw in here some sprint ideas.

I'm partial to helping push on the headless CMS (plone.io) project. But is there some other Plone work that US-based folks would like to see done?

I think this thread is best closed - because It had do do with a 2017 sprint.

I highly recommend opening a new thread with your question in this case.

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