Portlets above the page

I am a new user. I can not deal with the following problem. On the home page, I want to put the latest 3-5 news on top, and the text and graphics below.

I do not know how to put the portlet above the page. Or how it can be done differently.

I apologize for my English, I used GoogleTranslate.

Plone 5.1.5

Portlets can only bw assigned to the left or right slot and the footer slot.

You could try this: https://github.com/espenmn/medialog.abovecontentportlets

You should read this first: Adding a new Container in the HopePage (index.html) or a Portlet

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Thank you.
I will try today.

Mosaic provides that kind of flexibility (and more), but may be overkill if @espenmn solution works well enough for you.

I would not call it overkill, that is what I do in my themes.

/( http://themes.medialog.no/fragments/news-fragment , http://themes.medialog.no/fragments/a-page etc )

To construct something like this: http://themes.medialog.no/copy_of_front-page