Portlet css class

at the bottom of defining a portlet TTW, there is: "Portlet class CSS class to add to the portlet"

What does this mean? More importanly, how is it implemented? I know what a css class is and how to define one. However, don't know how to implement it here. I want a css for the portlet, so do I add a path here that goes to the css? Or, if i define a class,

.intro {
background-color: yellow;

would i just type in ".intro' in this line and automagically the class is found (not likely) or type the entire definition of the class?

Finally, does the css have to be part of the theme? or can it be a file somewhere?

thanks for any help

Try with 'intro' (not the dot).

That said: This sounds like a custom portlet, I have not seen this setting

I do not know the feature. However, from the description, I guess the following implementation:

The portlet is contained in some HTML element (likely a div'). This element has a classattribute. The fieldPortlet CSS classallows you to add its value to the value of thisclass` attribute (when the portlet is rendered). This allows you to use CSS to control the presentation of specifically this portlet.

Some browsers (I know it from "firefox") have good support to explore the HTML structure. This would allow you to find out precisely, how your portlet is rendered.

thanks. I should have mentioned it was the "embed portlet" product. and as you knew, this allows form HTML in a portlet.

I'll talk with my programmer and see if we can get this working.

To all - thanks for the help