Porting transmogrifier stuff to Python 3

I spent a whole day trying to get Transmogrifier running under Plone 5.2 and Python 3. Looks as if nobody worked on this before.

The following branches contain basically the most relevant fixes for getting the modules into a Plone 5.2 without startup failures (which does not mean that the packages are fully ported or tested):

collective.transmogrifier         = git git@github.com:collective/collective.transmogrifier.git branch=python3
plone.app.transmogrifier          = git git@github.com:collective/plone.app.transmogrifier.git branch=python3
collective.jsonmigrator           = git git@github.com:collective/collective.jsonmigrator.git branch=python3

I am not sure if I want to continue with transmogrifier in the current state (depends on further discussions with the customer about risk and efforts). But at least there is a starting point if someone wants to follow the transmogrifier road.


Not mentioned: there are various dependencies from Archetypes in some steps or blueprints...I commented them out in order to get rid of Archetypes here alltogether.

I forked collective.transmogrifier into just transmogrifier to make it Python 3 compatible and Plone independent already years ago


Obviously it is missing all Plone steps and has slightly different base set.