PloneTrueGallery apply gallery settings to multiple folders

I've got a bundle of Member folders which are intended to be Galleries.

With PTG installed, is there any way to apply specific Gallery settings to a bundle of folders at once?
To have PTG default to specific settings for new folders when the Gallery View is applied?

I expect that it would take a script, but have no idea how this would proceed!
Any pointers or hints greatly appreciated!

peter is the site.

That's a cool idea. Reminds me of the Adobe Lightroom and other apps in which you could copy the tweaks you'd made to a photo and apply the same tweaks to other photos.

You can set the defaults in the gallery settings in the control panel

Oh, thanks @espenmn , of course.

Yes, @tkimnguyen copy and paste settings would be very cool, and a useful UX. although, I suppose if one was starting from scratch, would the various settings on a folder already be copied with the folder itself through simple copy/paste?

As far as the other question, though, there's no way to globally apply specified changes to a list of existing folders, and set the view to "gallery" view. Or I should say, the only way would be with a script of some kind?
I'm woefully ill prepared to begin something like that without a decent template (you'd think I would have absorbed something over the past 15 years of Plone, but I have to admit to myself that my eye sort of glaze over when I start looking at the API and the nearly infinite list of interfaces, etc)

It might. Would depend on the implementation...

Unless the maintainers have included that sort of functionality I would think so. That would be a question for them, or to put in the issue tracker. Or you could try to recruit someone to add the feature for you...?

For that matter, to be able to create a template folders and then apply the settings to any set of folders, as you say, like Lightroom...
I decided for the moment that I much prefer the "All Content" view rather than the fussy PTG.
And I would typically want to encourage my users to keep it that way.
Other than getting down and dirty with permissions in the ZMI, is there a way to restrict changes to the Display?

You can go go into portal_types and set the default view template per content type.

If you want to restrict only these types of portfolio folders to have that default view, the way I would do it is use portal_types, clone the Folder type and give it a new name/ID like Portfolio, then set the default view template for Portfolio, and then start creating/adding new Portfolio folders. I don't think there's an easy way to change the content type of existing folders though.

If you set the default settings in the control panel, then change to gallery view ?