PloneHotFix20161129 broke movement in content_folder listing on Plone 4.3


I installed PloneHotFix20161129 in a Plone 4.3 zeo installation. After restarting Plone I was not able to move items in the content_folder listing. After switching back to the previous state (without the hot fix) movement in content_folder listing did again work. I also installed PloneHotFix20161129 on a Plone 5 zeo installation without this issue.

That is very strange. I just tried it now and it works fine. There is nothing in the hotfix that is related to this. The only thing I could imagine is a change in the order in which Python code is imported at startup, somehow having this behavior as strange side effect.

Is the hotfix really the only thing that changed in your situation?

Do you see any errors on the javascript console when you try this?

Are there any errors in the error log of your site? You may need to temporarily remove or comment out all Ignored exception types in the prefs_error_log_form of your site.

Thanks for response.
I will try again and also checking for javascript errors.