PloneFormGen image upload error

Guys need your help with my problem,
I want to insert image into mysql from the ploneFormGen , I am using ZMySQLDA to connect to database. I am using plone5

My table: image
| image_link  (blob)                     | name (varchar)       |
|                                         |                     |        

My Form has a file upload with name image_link

dtml query:

insert into image values("<dtml-var image_link>","ab")



The filefield in PloneFormGen is a special case. The data submittee back to Plone is not included like other fields. I have little experience with the dtml you list, but you might get some inspiration from how PloneFormGen’s internal FormMailerAdaper is fetching the filefields in Python code and converting them to mime attachments. See the get_attachments method which is callled by send_form here:

The savedata adapter is not storing any filefields according to the documention. You field name of image_link is a bit confusing: are you storing a url to an image or using a filefield to upload a binary image?

thanks man