PloneConf Open Space on Webpack with Plone (cancelled)

If you are interested on hearing or discussing about using Webpack with Plone, please, choose your favorite slots for possible open space at Plone Conf next week:

Please, be aware that there are only limited amount of open space slots available at the conf and I cannot quarantee, we get the slot with most voters.

Also, I won't be reserving the open space just for myself :slight_smile:

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I would like to see @rodfersou participating remotely in this open space; he made interesting things using WebPack 2 on our add-ons for Plone 4.3.

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Yes, I recall he built add-on bundles succesfully for Plone 5 using UMD target with webpack?

I’ll pick the open space time slot tonight.

Open Space will be held on Thu at 12.45.

(Unfortunately the most popular slot on Friday was already taken.)

Just a reminder: we have a Google Doc where folks have been signing up for open space slots and the info there should be transferred onto the signup sheets (real paper!) at the registration desk. As of today, the real paper ones are the definitive reservation system :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to cancel this open space. As Kim noted above, our original reservation on Google sheet got nullified and I was unable to find the reservation paper in time before the voted slot was already taken.

I apologize for the schedule collision - we were not careful enough in ensuring that prior reservations on the Google Doc were transferred to the paper sheets. :frowning: