Ploneconf 2019 - Get your tickets!

Hi happy Plone people, as you already know the next Plone conference will take place in Ferrara from 21 to 27 October.

Early bird ticketing is open. Go to Eventbrite, get your ticket and see you in Ferrara!

Remember to keep an eye on ploneconf website for updates and infos (call for papers will open soon).


Thanks, I've got mine!

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how long earlybird will be open?

First things first...the early bird ticket includes the party or is it separate?

It will close in August, but we will tweet/write about it in advance

And of course early bird ticket includes the write in ticket description :wink:
The separate party ticket is if you wants to bring someone else at the party.

What is the deal with the Italian VAT? Usually businesses do not need to charge the VAT from commercial entities within the European Union (as long as VAT ID is part of the invoice). What is the situation here?

I received an invoice with 22% VAT even if it states my VAT ID.

We have to emit invoices with VAT by law because it's an Italian event organized by an Italian company. If I understood correctly in Italy we should always add VAT in invoices.

You should be able to deduct the VAT later.

I asked some additional infos from our accountant. Stay tuned.

Confirmed: we cannot emit invoices without vat because in Italy works like this.
You could deduct it later.

Hi @cekk

do you propose some hotels or so near the conference?

Thank you!


We are working on it and we are going to write some informations on the website.

In the meantime i can tell you that Ferrara is a small town and all conference venues are located in the city center, so we suggest you to find something close to it and you will be ok for the whole week.

You could search hotels or b&b on usual websites ( or airbnb) or here:

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Update: we published new sections on the website with some informations about Ferrara and the venue.


Just one friendly reminder: available training seats for the conference are limited and some of them are already gone.
If you are planning to attend one or more training, this is the right time to buy a ticket :wink:

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Update: you can buy early bird tickets until the end of this month..think about it if you want to save some money!

Where is the CC payment method? Paypal Plus, rather than legacy PayPal would have made this possible. I'm not about to use my personal paypal account to make a company purchase... :frowning:

I don't understand your problem (aka i don't know what do you mean with "CC payment method").
Do you mean that you should buy a ticket with your paypal account but pay it with company's one?

Anyway, try to send a mail to and we will try to find a solution for your payment :wink:

Hi @cekk - cheers for the reply.

CC as in credit card.... The only option seems to be PayPal. Maybe I'm not alone in finding that quite awkward.

Thinking that this could be a dealbreaker for other potential attendees, esp. combined with the hefty EventBrite fee.

Will get in touch via email.

Regarding Paypal Plus: AFAIK it's only available in Germany at this time. I haven't found any info about other countries anywhere.

Doesn't Paypal allow regular CC payment without logging into an account? I haven't used that in a while, but I thought it did.

Anyway, as @cekk said, sending an email to will solve the issue.

EDIT: I have tried the payment offered by Eventbrite. Under normal circumstances the PayPal payment screen should allow you the choice to log in and pay using an existing account or to enter your billing and credit card information, as you can see in the screenshot below.

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