Ploneconf 2014 communication

is the mailing list the official mailing list for this years conference or should we start a community here?

Up till now it isn't. I can check with Matt to make it so; I do have the keys so we could use it, chuck everybody off and add all participants of 2014.


why not leave the past participants in, even if i was not attending I would
like to follow (did it in 2013) and just add the new one who are not yet in?
It's easy to unsubscribe after all

I don't have keys to that mailing list. Anyknow know who does?


@matth will send you in private!

Related to that VAT reverse charge is not possible, I remember that my office had successfully claimed back the VAT in 2010 for the conf fees & other costs from the UK. I wanted to make sure this information is available this time for others.

Before publishing it wider it should have some review by others, because I am not a UK tax counsel.

This information seems applicable for non UK EU businesses only. There are other regulations for non EU customers here:

Hope that helps,
Cu in Bristol