Plone working correctly with 'instance fg' mode but not with 'instance start'

Today I updated my plone server from an old release to latest github release (branch 5.2) following plone doc (sorry, I am not allowed to paste links)

Plone does not display icons correctly when I run it with './bin/instance start'. I get errors like these in developper console :


I don't get these errors when I launch plone with './bin/instance fg' and icons are displayed correctly.

any idea what's wrong ?

short version: update to Plone 5.2.8 or pin at least plone.staticresources to 1.4.5.

Hi Yuri, dorry I did not get any notification about your answer.
I updated my local repo today and re-buildout plone. it seems I'm using plone.staticresources 1.4.7.dev0

should it work with this ? if the answer is yes, there's another problem because I still have the same issue.

try to read the thread above, then. Also answer there with your problem with many details as you can maybe someone can help you.

Do you have any special apache rewriterule? As last resort, you can fix it at apache level with a rewrite url if you don't manage to fix it in Plone.

I managed to make it work correctly by going in "site admin" and upgrading from here.
everything seems to work fine now, with versions :

Plone 5.2.9.dev0 (5217)
CMF 2.6.0.dev0
Zope 4.8.3.dev0
Python 3.7.3 (default, Jan 22 2021, 20:04:44) [GCC 8.3.0]
PIL 6.2.2 (Pillow)
WSGI : Activé
Serveur : waitress 2.1.2

Thanks for your help