Plone versioning- Can I show my custom view template in a preview of a version?

I have a content type that I made versionable (I have diff_tool.xml, repositorytool.xml, and I have" in my content type's behaviors.) I have the Compare and Revert buttons to show and work. However, the preview of a version shows the default dexterity view. It might be unrelated, but I noticed in the in that it makes a "call" to content-core:

def __call__(self):
    content_core_view = getMultiAdapter((self.context, self.request), name='content-core')
    html = content_core_view()
    return self._convert_download_links(html, version_id)

Curious about this, I made a small view class with its own template and called the name "content-core". This did render the preview in the preview section. However, I'm guessing that's a bad idea.
So I was wondering does the Preview try to grab the content from the content-core slot of my default view of the my custom template or does the default_view grab from the default template?

Also, the reason I can't use the default template is because I'm using a couple of choice fields that have vocabulary sources (two using taxonomy) and they show the value instead of the title of the simple terms.