Plone UI/UX Team Meeting Notes July 10,2015

Nathan Van Gheem
Chrissy Wainwright
Brian Ledwell

Definitions of users doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Nathan suggested for his uses that “editors" vs “users” would probably be enough. Plone 4 to 5 same rolls are pretty much the same, havent changed.

Style Guide ( Longer Term goal )
It should be a living document constantly updated.

We need to find someone who might have experience with creating them. Brian will Ask Rob Porter about Style Guides. Geer it to html/css guide with our default theme with examples using HTML & CSS classes. Do we have a list of classes being used? Nathan's not sure.

Style guide examples and resources

Some of this is already written
Kaltura (open sources)
wordpress has a “core handbook”
ubuntu (closest to what we do)

Brian is concerned about having too many places where information is stored. As good of a solution as Slack and Trello are we should limit the number of places we have to dig for information.

Email communications should be done on Issues on Github general plone issue tracker. There are some tags already for UI; “UX Editor”, “UX Integrator/Themer”, UX Site Admin. If there are more needed we can add them

Shared Agendas can use google docs for collecting and sharing agenda information.

Conversations that should be private on hangouts.

Nathan is going to Arnhem Monday July 13 - Friday July 18 to sprint on Toolbar so the immediate focus needs to be on Toolbar he needs comments and suggestions.
Mockups are great. What Dylan did helps out a lot and makes things clear. Nathan will be working on Dylan’s suggestions

Chrissy working on easy slideshow

Discussion of extra menus moving to “actions" or “more". Additional thought needed. Nathan gives example of when you turn syndication on it adds another button maybe that should be elsewhere? Don’t want list to get too tall for mobile users. Doesn't want to support bothe vertical and horizontal toolbar. Potential problem of too many buttons.

Plips are availiable but not necessary. Be nice to us to review them.

Review the toolbar before Sprint Monday July 13 - Friday July 18.

Future Meetings
Frequency: Once every other month keep things doable and easier to plan and set dates. Mid week rather than Fridays.

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