Plone TTW and testing

Reviewing the pieces available to us today, it really feels like Plone 5.1 plus a few add-ons will be the most TTW friendly Plone so far.

What I haven't figured out is how best to integrate the TTW approach with a methodology that relies on continuous integration and testing. Perhaps I should accept that I'm introducing developers to a test free approach and explain that testing is for filesystem developers. I suppose they could manage their own independent testing stack through robotframework.

Is testing TTW something you're already doing? @djay and @datakurre I'm looking at you.

Debugging, tests and git integration are 3 things I'd love to add to plone TTW.

Testing is the one I've thought the least about how to do well however. I've certainly created robot tests for plomino apps before. But it would be nice to be able to write and run unittests in themefragments directly. I'm guessing you would need to be able to create a blank site, do the setup, run the test and then roll back that transaction and then report back the results... all TTW. I'm not sure what the security implications on that are though and if its worth it since you code should be in git and hooked up to CI anyway right?

ideas @datakurre?

uhm... yes, of course :slight_smile:

@pigeonflight Another way it could work is that you write unit tests next to your themefragment code. And there is a way to run that easily using zope testrunner. So it still runs from the command line.

  • pro: it gets around problems mocking things, setting up stuff that would be a problem for restrictedpython
  • con: what if someone is developing their app cloud only? Then they have to install things locally to do TDD.

I’m participating Robot Framework conference sprints next week for figuring out if it there’s meaningful way to integrate RF into Jupyter notebooks. It’s not directly related, but might provide acceptance testing tools with smaller learning curve.

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