Plone Training integration with PyCharm Edu

Hi there,

PyCharm is getting more and more attention in python world.
With latest PyCharm Edu versions there is possibility to create custom training material, I'm wondering if there are any plans to intergrate Plone Training with PyCharm Edu ?


Damn, from this FAQ looks like it's not possible:

Q: Can I teach Django, Flask and Web programming Python using PyCharm Edu?
A: PyCharm Edu does not support advanced frameworks such as Django, Flask or Pyramid

Contact Paul Everitt at PyCharm (@pauleveritt here or Twitter @paulweveritt) . Although PyCharm EDU says it does not support advanced frameworks, that might mean in the context of PyCharm Professional version which provides a GUI to generate projects from its own scaffolds. PyCharm Community Edition does not support advanced frameworks either, but you can still build projects in any web framework via its terminal.

It's true that we don't support web frameworks for PyCharm Edu courses. The way we test the output generated by a task doesn't really match having an http server and the html response etc. There was working going on to support courses about Django etc. but that hasn't advanced far enough yet.

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