Plone TinyMCE Issues

I recently upgraded from a very old version, 2.5.2, to the latest version of Plone, 4.3.6 on a Debian server. Since then I have been experiencing a large amount of hurdles. I fixed some of the issues I was experiencing with TinyMCE for html color tags, adding in the exceptions into the html filters. After that was looking good, I now have lost the ability to add tables and the Styles drop down is gone. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am pretty new to plone administration having just recently taken over the site.

After your upgrade was TinyMCE displaying the styles menu and the table toolbar icon? What happens if you undo the changes you made to fix the color issue?

After the upgrade, the styles menu and table toolbar were present. I used them to fix some display issues with the migrated tables.

I tried to undo the changes that I made. They were only to allow the color and color-background tags into the html filtering styles section. This did not fix the problem.

Can you create a new (plain vanilla) Plone site on the same Zope and see how its TinyMCE behaves? If it works ok, I'd suspect something that you did after the the upgrade. Are there errors in the browser console?

Sigh. I figured it out. All the plugins got disabled somehow. I reenabled them and it worked.

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That's the best kind of problem! (one you figure out) :smile: