Plone Social Dinner during the Europython 2014

There is nothing better than joining a dinner and a couple of beers in an open air Berlin restaurants after attending all the high-quality talks at the Europython (July 21 - 27, 2014 at the BCC Berlin). In Berlin at the 24th. July 2014.

Everybody is welcome to join us, to talk about Plone and Web CMSs or just to meet and have some fun together! For an in-depth discussion about Plone, there is a Plone Helpdesk at the conference, just look for a "Plone t-shirt" any day during the EuroPython conference.

Cafe¬īBistro Deckshaus

Märkisches Ufer 1z
D-10179 Berlin

The restaurant is just 10 minutes walk from the bcc or
3 minutes from U2 M√§rkisches Museum oder 10 minutes S-Bahn Jannowitzbr√ľcke (Berlin)

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