Plone Site URL Redirects

So I have a problem. I have two ways to get to my Plone site:

  2. http://server1:8080/plone

Is there a way whereby I can redirect anyone trying to get to Plone via http://server1:8080/plone permanently redirected to Can I do the redirect from within Plone or do I have to do this via Apache? Any advice or examples would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much,

I assume that http://server1:8080/plone is not served by Apache at all but is rather Plone's own http access url.

I would not care to implement a redirection but tell the users to use the official url and not an internal one. Should they be unable to follow, I would use a firewall rule or a configuration option to ensure that port "8080" cannot be used from the "outside".

Should you really want a redirection, you could implement it in a ZPublisher.interfaces.IPubStart subscriber or via an "Access rule" (available via the ZMI add under Set access rule).

Agreed: you really should block access to that port with the firewall on that machine.

Thanks Dieter and Kim. Yes, blocking access to the port makes total sense. Thanks so much. Cheers!

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