Plone role manager throwing error

In ZMI When i visit
I am getting the following error

Which version? Can u reproduce it in (5.0.5)?

@erasmu, is your site using any PAS plugins or have you overridden the Plone MemberDataTool? Do you have a custom Member or member schema?

Using Plone 4.3.9

Using Plone 4.3.9. I am using plugin and I get members from LDAP. I have defined custom roles.

@erasmu: apologies for letting this slip for so long. I think you've found a bug in Plone code. Looking at the location of the error shows that a long-deprecated syntax for making custom errors is used:

def getUser(self):
    # The user object is our context, but it's possible for
    # restricted code to strip context while retaining
    # containment.  Therefore we need a simple security check.
    parent = aq_parent(self)
    bcontext = aq_base(parent)
    bcontainer = aq_base(aq_parent(aq_inner(self)))
    if bcontext is bcontainer or not hasattr(bcontext, 'getUserName'):
        raise 'MemberDataError', "Can't find user data"

That last line there is the locus of your error.

It appears to be caused by the User object you are working with missing a getUserName method. That is likely due to some problem with the LDAP plugin. But the result is syntax that is no longer valid in Python. I'm going to open an issue to track this, and will reply shortly with a link to that issue.

Thanks for your report.

I've opened this issue in the CMFPlone issue tracker to keep track of this problem.