Plone.restapi: ConstrainedNotSatisfied for title field

I receive this error when creating a Page...Which constrained is exactly here not satisfied? Is this because of the CR inside the title?

  Module, line 23, in __call__
  Module, line 19, in render
  Module, line 49, in reply
  Module plone.restapi.deserializer.dxcontent, line 114, in __call__
BadRequest: [{'field': 'title', 'message': u'Constraint not satisfied', 'error': ConstraintNotSatisfied(u'Nachstellung von Bewegungen in Schlittenversuchen\r\nEin Optimierungsbeispiel mit LS-DYNA, LS-OPT und HyperMorph', 'title')}]

I think so. The Plone UI normalize strings with CR/LF but not restapi

from : zope dublincore

"The current implementation has a number of limitations to be aware of; hopefully these can be removed in the future.

Only simple string properties, like title, are supported"

simple as in zope/schema/

class TextLine(Text):
      """A text field with no newlines."""
      def constraint(self, value):
         return '\n' not in value and '\r' not in value

Please use the plone.restapi issue tracker...