Plone Releases Order on Website


just wanted to ask, why the order of releases can be kinda strange on the releases page.
I wanted to check current releases (alphas etc.) and also get a link to the what i thought current Plone 5 stable version,
but 5.0.7 was burried under versionwise older entries.
The list is sorted by "Date released", but how can it be that 5.0.4 - 5.0.6 were released a month after 5.0.7 ?

Is this just sorted by "Date Changed" and someone edited the Descriptions or am i missing something fundamentally here ?


It is probably sorted by order in folder. Just a guess, @tkimnguyen may know more.

Yeah it seems it is physical sort order. I just fixed that. Thanks for reporting it. I'll file this and try to add it to a checklist of things to do when we are making new releases.

There is another part of the site that lists versions in ALPHA order which is a pita <-- euphemism and would need to be sorted numerically. But that's a different issue,

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