Plone Planning and Organizing Sprint 2016

Dear Plone Community,

we do see a lot of sprints and work getting done on Plone the product, but that is usually all code sprints. Plone is in a state were we have to get our homework done and better present Plone to customers and the web and CMS market.

With Plone 5.x we now have a stable release that will last for several years, several keynotes about Plone has been presented on various CMS and Python related conferences, like the awesome keynote by Cris Ewing at PyCon US.

For this purpose we do plan a Planning and Organizing Sprint on several locations world wide on the weekend Friday 29. till Sunday 31. July 2016.

We need our homework done and get everything to a state were we could show new persons and customers why Plone is one of the very few Open Source Communities that has survived the changing of community away from the 'founding generation', and why Plone is still one of the leading systems in the CMS and Portal market.

For this sprint we need the project managers, the communications and marketing people, and everybody that would like to help Plone without writing more code. This Sprint focus on Planning and Organizing, without a single line of code ....

Besides the 'core' we have lots of other projects and moving parts which helps us and makes us a awesome community. Over time different projects get started but later on never finished or even forgotten.We want to change that, this sprint is meant to identify these 'issues' and find a solution how we as community can close them. That means there will be no hardcore coding involved, it is about identifying 'issues', discussions and finding possible solutions. (OK, whipping up a prototype of a nice page can come into play...)

We do want to work and discuss on those open parts:

  •, and other Plone portals in the community
  • Paragon, Plone Add-On-Listings
  • Documentation, as well as documentation for best practice projects (ploneorg.core)
  • Security documentation and infos on the Plone portals

This list can (and hopefully will) grow, but is also depending on the locations that join and the number of people who are willing to attend.

Best regards,
the organizing team:
Sven Strack, Paul Roeland and Alexander Loechel

How would remote attendance work?

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thank you for organizing this; let me know if there is something I can help.

We'd have to see which timezones are taking part, and presumably have 2-3 fixed hangout times per day for group discussions (there are WebRTC alternatives for if we are over 10 or whatever the hangout-limit is). Most timezones should at least be able to make one or two of those hangouts.

IRC in between.
Plus a shared googledoc/titanpad for keeping notes and comments about who's working on what.

And we've had nice experiences with using for 'visual' discussions and annotations to mockups

but let's keep the toolset as simple as possible, and focus on the discussions.

Paul has already told a lot about how remote work would work, but we would also like if you open your location, so that other Plone people could join you localy to discuss and work together at the topics.

@Alexander_Loechel Does this need an event on

done, community event on added.